Introducing 'react-spectrum'

I love the new CodeSandbox homepage 💜 While checking it out, this illustration caught my eye 👇

CodeSandbox homepage illustration
CodeSandbox homepage illustration

So, I made react-spectrum to generate similar colorful text/code placeholders 🙌

react-spectrum is configurable and can be used to generate various types of fancy text placeholders.

import React from "react";
// Import library
import Spectrum from "react-spectrum";
// or const Spectrum = require('react-spectrum');

// Render the placeholder
function Placeholder() {
  return (
      colors={["#757575", "#999999", "#0871F2", "#BF5AF2"]}

Give it a try at and star it if you like it 🙌 Also, give me a follow @ganapativs if you want to see more of these stuff 😬